Karpenter furniture combines different noble and natural materials sourced from environmentally sustainable suppliers. The materials we use breathe soul into a piece of furniture.


The reclaimed wood used in our production is certified by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). The FSC stamp guarantees that our furniture is produced in compliance with standards of sustainable forests and plantation management. Solid wood is dynamic and adapts naturally to the environment. This makes it a durable material that will stand the test of time. Modern finishing techniques offer enforcement to keep furniture beautiful and strong for decades.


The color of teakwood is golden like amber. It is beautiful, extremely durable and requires little maintenance, which make teakwood excellent for furniture. All our teakwood is reclaimed from old buildings and structures. We receive the wood still with nails and original paint, before we restore it and bring it to new life. We especially love our teak furniture for the story they tell.

WHITE OAK(Quercus Sp.)

The color of White Oak shifts gradually from light to dark brown the further one gets into its heartwood. It is an ideal wood for furniture making. It is resistant to decay and adaptable to fine finishing techniques.

BLACK WALNUT (Juglans Nigra)

The Black Walnut is loved for its dark heartwood. Its color is brown with shades of purple and streaks of gold. The wood is hard and durable yet pleasant to work with, and it forms into the highest quality furniture.


Hardwood has always been our favorite for its durability and the richness in the variety of color tones. Combining one hardwood with other ones creates a whole package of a treasure with abundance of history from each wood.The tone of the woods varies from dark to light, creating natural patinas of wood color.


Our reclaimed mixed woods come from FSC certified ex-pallet from selected imported crates. Designed to endure heavy goods in container load, the durability of pallet wood is inarguable. The wood is also easy to finish, giving us flexibility in exploring the design.

The nature of a specific material has the potential to take over the creative process and redene our ideas. This is especially wonderful when working with solid wood that gives every piece unique patterns, no two the same.


In collaboration with a small family tannery, we have developed the finest saddle leather from cattle to adorn some of our furniture. The tannery’s craftsmen and women study the behavior of leather, and understand how to enhance its natural beauty and quality. The leather is washed and colored in large teak centrifugal barrels, then dried before placed in pressing machines. Finally, each piece is in manually stretched to maintain the natural softness and elasticity of the material.


We use 100% cotton canvas in some of our collections, and not in the ways you might expect. Surprising use of material in furniture create unique pieces that will stand out and add individual character to your home.


We have added elements of metal to some of our collections. This gives the furniture a contemporary, urban feel. The metal on wood combination stretches the imagination, and serves as a reminder of the timeless interaction between culture and nature. The ferrous metal we use is recycled from old cars, bridges and old buildings. Reuse of material brings history and soul to the furniture. It is also more environmentally sustainable.