Being an internationally recognized brand, Karpenter with its dictum; Solid Wood Only has maintained the sustainability in every process of its furniture making. As a form of this commitment, we pay attention to some fundamental principles such as use of low impact materials, make durable products, and reuse of waste wood material. • Using Low Impact Materials By using solid wood as our materials, Karpenter always make sure to source wood from responsible forest that has capacity to re-plant after harvesting period. We hold a certification from the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) as the mark of responsible forestry. Our solid wood furniture is timeless and can be passed down through generations which make it is sustainable product. • Producing Durable Products Not only talking about its solid wood material, Karpenter also makes sure to finish the product with non-toxic material like water-based finishing. It tends to its durability and long lasting with minimum damage to environment. • Less-waste of Solid Wood Upon receiving our furniture, customer will also receive a unique souvenir that also made from solid wood during the production. We made sure not only the beautiful design and functional products that we produce, but also still keeping its sustainability by make the most use of its material. For the sake of the future generations, we take responsibility for the environment. We also take measures to minimize our negative impact on the environment in all stages of our operations because we know that Earth is our only home.




January 2019


COLOR BEBOP by Karpenter was featured on the News section of Style & Decor Magazine #Issue68. Title: Cabin of Colour