Our furniture is eclectic, which means we derive our inspiration from nature through life and modern art, from the fine lines of Scandinavian minimalism through French and Italian culture and tradition to the natural understatements of Japanese aesthetics. Inspiration feels divine the moment it appears, but we know that true inspiration comes with hard work of creative minds and skilled hands. A panel of designers, architects and carpenters bounces the ideas around and fills them with air. Our production management team, who knows dream from practicality, finally brings the best ideas in for landing and translates them into practical reality, physics and mathematics.


Our designs are classy yet playful and innovative, made to stand the tests of time and changing trends. A close attention to details enhances the finest lines and curves. At the heart of our design philosophy, however, lies the understanding that flawless proportions uphold the balance between esthetics and comfort. In other words, we place equal emphasis on esthetics and comfort because we know that you do too.


Using natural materials, we allow divine interventions to ultimately define our designs. Each piece holds a unique natural fingerprint. No two pieces look the same. The end result is in the hands of nature.


The carpenters and craftsmen and women are the unsung heroes of our time, or so we believe. Working with solid wood, our craft people know the value of noble materials, and treat it with the greatest respect.
To us furniture is a form of visual art framed by practicality, timelessness and comfort. Design should be unique and inspirational, but also realistic, sustainable and affordable. Karpenter furniture is born from the dialogue between creative designers and technical craftspeople. Creative designers play with ideas, shapes and textures. Our craftspeople translate the ideas into craft techniques. This is the human process. Behind it lies the nature of the materials we work with, which ultimately gets the last word, always. This is why we say: Designed by us, defined by nature.


Karpenter furniture represents a merge between the intelligence of ancient carpentry and the precision of modern technology. Solid wood-on-wood joinery that holds the secret to the durability of our products is perfectly fitted by Italian precision machinery. Behind the machines are experienced craftspeople, who assemble each piece by hand, and unite wood with leathers, fabrics and metals.


We have learned from the best, our forefathers, who developed a science of carpentry that resulted in wooden structures that lasted for thousands of years. The key to durability is found in sturdy, unbreakable connections. Wood-on-wood joinery, such as dovetails, mortises and tenons, are sculpted and fitted perfectly to create an exceptional stability and quality.


Joints are enforced by the highest quality glue, which is selected for its low impact on the environment. Screws and bolts are turned into playful design details.


High quality machines bring hairline precision to the production. Modern technology gives us the advantage of exact measurements and perfectly fitted pieces. However, our machines are not programmed for mass production. Our experienced crafts people are involved at every stage to ensure superior quality. Honor a craftsman today, lounge in a comfortable chair!


We provide a Certificate of Authenticity with our products. This certificate guarantees that the product you purchase are original Karpenter designs, and that the piece uphold the highest standards for quality and sustainability.